Everyone say HELLO to Allyssa! Allyssa recently moved to Arizona for an internship, so we captured her in her new home state! She has a history of pageants, so you bet I asked her to do her best pageant walk more than once. Honestly, I have no idea how she looks so graceful while wearing heels! If I was her I would've fallen on my butt more than once.

I have been craving to think a little outside of my box lately... Although I felt like I was cheating on the desert, I was so inspired by this building found in Tempe near ASU. I absolutely love the pastel purple color, random square cut outs, and the architecture. I felt like I was in a constant maze! I was so pumped with Allyssa said she would adventure with me and check out this location! ALSO, I absolutely loved the contrast of her darker purple dress with the purple tones. It fit so perfectly, and she didn't even plan it! Here is a little sneak peek into her portrait session at the ASU Art Museum. 

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