Meet the latest lovers I was privileged to adventure with! Issac & Anisa met at the most romantic location... next to a dumpster (not so glamorous!) With the stinky trash air floating around Issac asked Anisa to join her on a little adventure to the mall. What first was a friendship turned into their love story. Issac decided to move to Arizona for school so Anisa joined him for the journey. They have been in Arizona for nearly a year, but in love for two! What a joy it was to capture them in their new home state. Although they've traveled miles... their love remains the same... FULL OF JOY! 

I asked them to venture to the middle of the desert with me to capture these moments shared between them. I also asked them to write simple love letters to each other to start off our session. Although I stepped away while they read them to each other I caught the few words, "you've taught me how to love." Let me just tell you friends, their love is alive & contagious. Issac's servant heart & Anisa's encouraging spiriting makes them a perfect fit for each other. 

Here is a sneak peek into our evening together... we even saw wild horses!.... no rattle snakes thankfully!