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Desert Proposal

May 21, 2017

A few days ago I got a voicemail from an unknown number… I went to listen to the message and on the other end I heard an anxious voice say, “Hey Shea, it’s Grant, Alyx’s boyfriend. I’m trying to keep something a secret from Alyx and I’m hoping maybe you can help me.” A few hours later I called Grant back he said with the most exciting voice, “I bought a ring & I’m going to propose to Alyx.” He then went on to explain his GRAND plan…

You see Alyx is that girl I always call up when I have some crazy creative idea to model for me… Anything I can imagine she is always game for! Grant went on to explain that since Alyx model’s for me quite often that I should ask her to model for me just like any other day… except this time he’d surprise her in the middle of the desert! OHHH YES! Once I heard his idea I was so game. ALSO HUGE SIDE NOTE: It has always been a dream of mine to photograph a proposal (Grant didn’t even know that!) OF COURSE I WAS IN FOR THE SURPRISE!

After Grant and I got off the phone I texted Alyx to see if she’d do a sunset shoot at Superstition Mountains. To our surprise she had to work that night so I then asked if she’d be game to get up super early to catch the sunrise (I for sure thought she’d say no! Who wants to wake up at 5AM?!) Her response was, “I’m in!” I texted Grant saying it was a go and his response was “That’s perfect! Now I’m nervous.” After a dozen text messages back and forth Grant and I figured out all the logistics to catch Alyx at the best moment and completely surprise her!

Alyx ended up staying the night the evening before (because 5AM remember…) We stayed up drinking wine, eating donuts & watching a chick-flick… she had no idea what the next day held! Our alarms went off the next morning and we were ready for an epic photo adventure. After getting all dolled up we stopped at Starbucks… (because 5AM) and drove out to the Superstition Mountains. We got out of the car and continued on trail #56 where Grant was hiding! I took a few shots of Alyx so that it wasn’t completely obvious I was on a mission!

We walked on the path, through a wash, and up a hill… where we saw a sign that read “Alyx, follow the rose petal path” with red roses attached. When she saw the sign she stopped in complete silence for a good 10 seconds, looked at me and said, “Shea, what is going on?! Is this real?! Are you pranking me?” We continued down the rose petal path to find Grant standing around a tree, with the perfect view of the mountains. While Alyx went to meet Grant she kept repeating, “Is this real!? No! I can’t believe this!”

Alyx finally met Grant & they embraced each other hands. With her jaw dropped & her eyes teary Grant went on to explain to her how much he loved her, how much he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He got down on one knee and humbly asked, “Alyx, WILL YOU MARRY ME?!” With her hand over her mouth & tears coming down her face Alyx responded “YES!!!!” He slipped the perfect oval diamond ring on her finger and they took the moment to take in what had just happened, PURE BLISS!

After admiring the ring, putting all the pieces together & soaking in the moment, we took some time to capture them as an ENGAGED couple! As I began to “position” them Alyx looked at me and said, “Shea I don’t know how to do this with another person, I’ve never been engaged before!” We laughed and I responded welcoming her to the “engaged life.”

They laughed, they cried & they fell even more in love! What a day to capture their love. The kind of love that is so selfless, where they are constantly encouraging each other, treating each other with respect & looking out for one an other! I felt SO honored to be a part of such an important moment in their lives! Congrats to Alyx & Grant on this new season of life together! I am so excited for you both to continue to love & serve each other!

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