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Devin & Danielle

June 30, 2017

These two lovers flew into Arizona from North Carolina to capture their love in the desert! They met through a mutual friend and right when they laid eyes on each other they knew they were meant to be together. Devin asked Danielle on a date and thats when it all began! Fast forward to an afternoon at the local aquarium. Danielle, Devin & her whole family decided to go to the dolphin show. The trainers asked for some volunteers and after Devin convinced Danielle to raise her hand she was picked! She went up front to assist the trainer and she turned around to the other trainers holding up a sign that read “will you marry me.” Devin was on one knee, Danielle was in complete shock… but of course she said YES!

Between their sweet southern accents & tender touches, their love is so evident! Before we started their session I asked them both to read a love letter to each other. I stepped away for some time to give them some privacy, but once I saw tears in their eyes and tender embraces I witness their special kind of love. The kind of love thats so sacrificial for the other, the kind of love thats constantly looking out for the other.

It was such a joy to capture the sweet moments shared between these two. We braved the Arizona summer heat to capture these images… but you can’t even tell it was over 100 degrees. These two were such troopers & were so eager to explore the Arizona desert with me!

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