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Emily & Bryan

August 16, 2019

Meet Emily & Bryan. These two met in college through mutual friends. One day Emily was not in the best mood, so she texted Bryan spontaneously and asked if he wanted to grab some Mexican food to cheer her up. Since that day, their lives have never been the same. Quickly they found themselves spending so much time together. If they weren’t in class or sleeping, they were together. Pretty early on they both knew they were going to get married. Bryan graduated and Emily decided to make the move to Arizona with him.

Bryan found himself as the basketball coach at Valley Christian High School (which so happens to be the same high school I attended.) These two typically shoot basketballs in the evenings after Bryan finishes practice. One night as they were shooting around Bryan said, “you know one day you’ll be a great basketball wife.” Emily had no idea what was coming. She continued to shoot and when she turned around Bryan was on one knee and asked her to spend forever with him.

So of course for their engagement session we headed back to the gym where so many of their memories have taken place. We blasted come country music & I captured them doing what they normally do at the gym…. just in fancier clothes of course!

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