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Hannah & John

September 28, 2018

Hannah & John said I do in her backyard in Oswego IL. Hannah & I went to college together and stayed in touch post college. I remember all the nights we’d sit in each others dorm rooms chatting about boys, dreaming what our future husbands would be like & praying that at the perfect time Jesus would lay the right guy in our lives. So watching this day come together was a huge celebration we’d been praying for!

Hannah & John went to the same college. During Hannah’s senior year John had a minor crush on her. He asked one of his best friends who was also friends with Hannah to introduce him to Hannah. They had a passing hello in the school’s courtyard but it never turned into more. Hannah wasn’t in a season where she was looking to date… so a few years went by. Hannah continued working at their college. Then they ran into each other again through an online dating app. John had knew about Hannah & knew it was the girl he admired. Hannah on the other hand had forgotten about their introduction a few years ago. They went on their first date and that is how their love story began.

I had talked to Hannah right when she got engaged and asked some questions about John… her response was “It’s just right, and we both are so at peace about it.” This I truly believe is how you know you’re with the right person. During this same phone call she told me she was going to have all her guests wear white. I was a little confused at first, but then she talked about her reasoning. You see on a wedding day a bride wears white as a symbol of presenting herself pure & whole to her groom. She wanted people to know that they too are presented pure and whole to Jesus. Yes everyone has fault and sin, but we are given the change to come to Jesus and be washed of all stains & be made pure & whole. WOW! When she told me about this I knew it was going to be the best day!

The wedding day rolled around & I was so excited to meet John and of course celebrate with Hannah as she prepared herself for her groom! When I arrived to her house I was in total awe. Her childhood backyard was amazing! With the lush green trees & grass (something we don’t have here in AZ) and pond in the background. It made for the perfect spot for John and Hannah to said I DO. It was a honor to be a part of Hannah & John’s wedding day. It was an honor to capture God’s perfect plan of bring Hannah & John together at just the right moment… something we had prayed for since we were sophomores in college. Here are just a few of my favorite moments from their special day.


Video By Chris Vergara


Meet the vendors

Wedding Dress : Bridal Boutique by New Name

Bridesmaids Skirts : The Tulle Project

Videographer : Chris Vergara

Hannah’s Fashion Blog : The Full Color Life

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