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Katie & Austin

June 5, 2017

It was a warm summer evening. We ventured to the middle of the desert to capture what its like to have a session with me. One of my sweet friends Rachel from Rachel Baker Photography filmed the whole thing! Capturing the essence & heart behind what I do! When I received the final edit from Rachel I was reminded of what a journey starting photography has been! Friends, two years ago I would’ve never excepted Jesus to take me on this journey or to place capturing moments on my heart! Every session I feel beyond privileged to be entrusted by my clients to capture such significant moments in their life! Moments of love & celebration!

Before filming the video I called up my sweet friend Katie Gardey who is the mama blogger behind Rasing My Arrows to see if her and her husband would be willing to adventure with me. And that is exactly what we did! Let me tell you, their love is very much alive three years into their marriage! During couples sessions it is my favorite thing to ask my clients to share advice, admiration or encouragement with their lover. Their answers had me tearing up behind the camera, because their hearts are so pure to serve, love & walk through this life with each other & Jesus! Towards the end of our time together I asked them to both share something the past three years of marriage has taught them. Katie’s response was to let the little worries fade, to not worry about the dirty dishes in the sink, or the loads of laundry but to seek the simple moments with each other. The “not so important” things can wait! Isn’t this such an important message with any relationship, family, friendship or spouse. We can’t get tied up in the busy work, but we need to seek relationship with each other! Huge shout out to Austin & Katie for letting me capture your love.

Below are the images I captured during their session! You can find the final promo video at the bottom of this page!

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