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Lillibeth & Tyler

April 20, 2018

April 14, 2018 – Glendale Arizona

These two are just the sweetest… and I really mean that! When I met them for their consult I absolutely fell in love with them. Their giddiness and kindness toward each other & other people is SO infectious! Needless to say, I was beyond excited for their wedding day!

They got married at their church in Glendale Arizona. We kicked the day off with them slipping into their wedding attire. Then they opened gifts from each other… Tyler gave Lilly a customized jewelry box that played their first dance song when she opens it. Not even going to lie I totally cried behind my camera when she opened it. SO SWEET! Lilly gave Tyler a handwritten card with a little hint of her gift which came during their reception. She wrote him a song & played it for him during their reception (also crying behind my camera!).

From that point of the day, we headed to their ceremony where Tyler laid his eyes on Lillibeth for the first time. They vowed their lives to each other with their closest friends and family close by. One of my favorite moments of their whole day was right after they walked down the aisle as husband and wife. They got through the back doors & Lillibeth just started crying. They both looked at each other & Tyler took her into his arms… where they both let the moment of what just happened sink in! Their excitement & admiration of each other was on full display!

Lillibeth & Tyler’s wedding day was filled with personal touches. From their handmade bouquets to her mom’s freshly baked cake… this wedding was completely personal to them which made me feel SO honored to be a part of! I am beyond excited to share a few of my many favorite moments from their wedding day with you!

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  1. Tina Hillliker says:

    These pictures are the most beautiful I have ever had the chance to enjoy. It helps when the couple is very photogenic and beautiful inside and out as well. I pray the couple will have all the happiness and memorable moments that marriage blesses a couple with.

  2. Joanne says:

    Very nice work! Beautiful images!

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