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Michelle Ogan

August 12, 2017

A few weeks ago I got an email from Angelic Magazine asking if i’d like to be featured in their upcoming August edition. Of course I said yes because for years I have been so inspired by their magazine! Angelic Magazine is a faith based magazine that started in PHX but has now expanded throughout the country. They focus on Jesus, music, fashion & art. Looking through their magazine is much different than your average magazine. Everything is done with intention to touch and inspire hearts. To communicate a message & to create authentic connection with their readers! Once you read the magazine you will understand just what I am talking about!

For the feature they asked me to provide some photos from a shoot as well as answer a few heartfelt questions. I had been wanting to experiment with a few different ideas anyways, so I contacted a darling friend & local model Michelle Ogan and asked if she’d be willing to explore the desert with me so that I could capture a few images. So that is exactly what we did, we found the coolest little abandoned building in the middle of the desert and created the following images. I was so grateful for Michelle’s easy going attitude… seriously whatever I asked her to do she did until I felt like I got the shot… what a doll!

To my surprise, one of my images was chosen for the cover of the magazine! YAY! Below are some of the images from the shoot as well as some of my answers from the feature inside the magazine! Scroll to the very bottom and you can read the entire issue & be inspired by other creatives!

What inspires your photography style? 

     For some odd reason, I have a terrible memory. I have always found photographs as a way to remember those tender moments & the emotions that come with those memories. When I look at a photograph I feel like I am standing at that moment. That season of life, those emotions & the journey I was walking through. I absolutely love having the opportunity to do this for my clients. To capture a celebration or a season of life. I don’t want to focus on capturing the perfectly posed image but the raw emotion that’s inside of them. The little moments that are often go forgotten, but hold significant value.

How does photography allow you to share your faith? 

    Photography has a way of making people feel like every insecurity of theirs is showing. Majority of the time within the first 10 minutes of being with a client they will express their insecurities… I never want people to see their insecurities in their images, because I believe their beauty lies so much deeper. I feel like I have been given a unique opportunity to bring out raw emotion in my clients & show them the true beauty that God has given them. Where and who their identity lays in is so much greater than any insecurity.

What is your encouragement to other photographers to share authenticity in their media? 

    It’s scary, but JUST DO IT! This year I made the pledge to share the good and the bad through my social media/blogging… because life has hills and valleys. Social media has become a highlight reel of everyones life, but the person on the other side of the screen feels extremely discouraged that their life doesn’t look the same. Comparison is something I daily struggle with, so I have a desire to see this unhealthy cycle change. I have found that the posts were I feel most exposed and vulnerable, are the post that I gain the most response. Followers recognize they aren’t the only one facing battles in their life. They aren’t walking alone, in fact we are all in this together! I say the best thing you can do is jump over your fear, and allow your vulnerability to speak truth into others lives! This will create authentic connection with your followers that’ll feed their soul, as well as your own!

Why do you choose to believe in Jesus? 

    I choose to believe in Jesus because I have seen his transforming work in my life. I go through seasons of life where my heart feels empty & I desire for something to fulfill it, so I seek after other fleeting things… like relationships, success, money, or material items. I have found these things fill me for a moment, but they sure don’t last more than that. However, in some of the most desperate times in my life I have run to Jesus, where he really was all I had… These were the times I found most joy, fulfillment, and hope. These are the times I have seen him transform my life, my attitude & my desires. I wasn’t seeking things that fade, but I was seeking His face. Because of these little glimpses of His goodness and power, I choose to believe in Jesus!

What would you like for people reading this to know about you?

    For people reading this, and people who see my work… I always want them to see that there is more to life than the little worries of life. There is hope in Jesus & there is celebration in life. When I am working with clients I always want to create an atmosphere that they feel free. For the time we are together, they can forget about the little things that bring on anxiety & they can let loose, laugh & hopefully leave reminded that life isn’t about worry, guilt or fear. Its about freedom, joy & hope that lays in our Savior! I want people reading this to know that this is my heart behind what I do! This is why I will go out to the middle of the desert during the Arizona summer… to be with my clients, to encourage them, to love on them & to hopefully show them a little glimpse of Jesus & all He has done for them.

Huge thank you to

Angelic Magazine for featuring my work.

Michelle Ogan for being so wonderful to work with!

Styles2you for providing the clothing for this shoot!

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