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May 16, 2017

Say hello to Serene! Serene is a high school senior about to embark on her journey to California! Yeah thats right… she’s a Cali girl! When Serene and I were talking about her senior session she mentioned two things water, and her guitar. She is a lover of music & has been on the swim team all four years of her high school career! During her senior session, she shared the exciting news that she will be joining the California State swim team where she will also be studying Kinesiology (…yes, I spelled that right on the first try)! Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you the future is bright for this girl! I so admire her zest for life & willingness to adventure with me to capture these photos! CONGRATS SERENE! I am so excited for you to begin your next stage in life & live under that Cali sunshine!

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