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Top 10 Moments of 2017

December 23, 2017

top 10 moments of 2017

2017 was quite an eventful year… from weddings, proposals, engagement sessions, baby announcements, and senior celebrations… EVERY session had its highlight moments! When I think back to every session of 2017 I can think of one moment that sticks out to me! Here are 10 moments and funny stories that stick out to me from some of my 2017 photo sessions!…. The BEST story is at the very end!

1. Dancing on an abandoned bus with Steph from The Salty Renegade.

2. During Tyler & Terra’s adventure couples session we ran into some wild horses!

3. Alyx and Grants surprise proposal! This was such an amazing moment to be a part of! She had absolutely NO idea… all the sudden he was there, on one knee in the middle of the desert! See the rest of their proposal HERE

4. I was featured inside of Angelic Magazines August edition and the image on the right was chosen for their cover image! Also working with local model Michelle Ogan was such a great experience! See the rest of the feature HERE

5. Of course meeting and working with my 2018 senior reps has been one of the most amazing experiences! I love getting to know all their individual personalities & having the opportunity to celebrate such a HUGE milestone in their lives! Meet my 2018 senior rep tribe HERE

6. OKAY OKAY… so remember Grant and Alyx from the desert engagement above!? Well this is a funny story from their engagement session. We headed up to Payson and one of our locations was on the side of a cliff.. not joke, it was a huge cliff! Right after the image on the left I asked them to go ahead and change into their second outfit. While they did that I asked Alyx for her ring so I could do a few ring shots. Still on the side of the cliff I did a few ring shots on a blanket then I hung the ring on a little branch. I headed back to meet them and then I realized I wasn’t holding the ring… Last I remembered having it was on the blanket which I shook out when I left the side of the cliff. Talk about HUGE heart stop! I started FREAKING OUT I thought for sure the ring fell over the cliff. After about 1 minute of panic and debating if I should tell the couple I remembered I left it on the little branch. PHEWWW! Talk about HEART ATTACK! Besides this scary moment, the rest of their session was a dream.. and you can see it HERE

7. Of course Sandra & Marcus’ Mexico beach wedding is a TOP moment… because destination weddings are the best & the beaches of Mexico are so romantic & these two are just the nicest people in the world!

8. I have gotten to help announce so many births during couples photo sessions… which is SO exciting, because its NEW LIFE and a NEW ADDITION of their family! I wish I could share more of the images…. but for some its still a secret!

9. Shooting with the ladies from Free People twice was definitely a top moment of 2017. I am so obsessed with their clothes to begin with, but the girls were just so much fun to work with! Their energy & zest for life was so fun to be around and capture! See the rest of our session HERE

10. Lastly…. one of the scariest moments during a shoot. During Cindy & Joe’s couples session we saw a rattlesnake. Right before we saw it in the water their dog was going crazy and would not sit down. We took a few photos and I walked around to meet them. That is when we saw a CREEEPY rattlesnake is “attack” position in the water! We walked back a bit, but then it started slithering out of the water SO FAST. I ran away so fast! BAH, I HATE snakes!

Overall, I think its safe to say that 2017 was VERY eventful. I am so thankful for everyone that stepped foot in front of my camera… who was ready for an adventure & who let me celebrate their stories! I am SO excited for what 2018 has to hold!


merry christmas & happy new year!

-shea brie

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