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Unplugged Ceremonies

May 26, 2018

With the rise of social media users, it is hard to keep people off their phones nowadays, but your wedding day is a time that you want people to not be distracted on their phones!

Don’t get me wrong, it is so fun to celebrate such a big moment with your friends and family. OF COURSE, they will want to share it with the world. What people don’t understand is that they are going to be in your wedding photos.

I cannot even tell you how many people I’ve had to ask to put their phones away because they have their phones in the center aisle while the bride is walking down. This makes me so sad, because one its a missed shot for me, but also its a memory you will only have once in your life… and now there is someones cellphone in it.

I also have many photographs where people will get the photo they want then look at their phone instead of looking at you and being present in the moment with you. In the background of the photos, they are staring at their iPhone and posting it to Snapchat. Meanwhile they are missing the moment you two lock eyes for the first time, or are pronounced husband and wife. When you look out at the guests you see the back of their cellphones instead of their faces.

The reason I feel so strongly about this is because your wedding photos are the one thing that will last past your wedding day. The flowers will die, the makeup will come off & the wedding dress will be hung away in your closet. Your photos will be hung on your walls, passed down to your kids and printed in an album that will sit on your coffee table for all your guests to see. Your professional photos will take place in all those situations, not someone’s iPhone photo. On your wedding day, I want your guests to be fully present, celebrating with you both & enjoying every single moment!

These are just a few reasons why I really encourage all couples to have an unplugged wedding ceremony. Your guests can get a photo with the two of you during your reception, but ask them to be fully present at your ceremony and put their phones away.

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